What to do to reduce stomach gas – Reduce abdominal gas

What to do to reduce, stomach gas, Reduce abdominal, gas,

Flatulence is uncomfortable and in many cases painful. The food and drink we eat every day causes gas in the stomach. But it is possible to alleviate some of these problems by making some changes in our daily diet and lifestyle.
First you need to find out which food causes more gas problems. For this, you have to write down what food is being eaten daily. On the day when you feel uncomfortable in the stomach, you have to see the list of any new food added. One week he will have to skip meals and then eat again.

If there is a problem, it is the trigger food. In this way, it is necessary to make a food list with other foods instead of gas-producing foods. Non-fat milk, orange juice, green tea, rice, rice powder cake, non-fat meat (chicken) and small fish should be added to the daily diet. It will not be malnutrition. Those who have gas in their fibrous food can eat boiled vegetables.
Drink water half an hour before eating, it will activate the esophagus and the stomach will be suitable for food. After eating, if you walk a little, the gas of the stomach goes out through the system. Isabgul syrup on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial for flatulence.

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