Mutton Dopiaza Recipe – Mutton Dopiaza Recipe

Mutton Dopiaza Recipe - Mutton Dopiaza Recipe

It is difficult to control the greed of khasir meat with hot rice or polao! Khasi meat is eaten by people of all religions. A very well-known term for Khasir meat is Dopenyaja of Khasir meat. Try different flavors of cooked instant pustigune mutton dopeyaja -Mutton Dopiaza Recipe.
Save the dopenyaja recipe of khasir meat by sharing it or you won’t find it later.

Ingredients and quantity:

  1. Khasir meat – 1 kg
  2. Onion crumbs – 7-8 p.m.,
  3. Garlic powder – teaspoon
  4. Ginger – 2 tablespoons,
  5. Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon,
    . Chili powder – 1 tsp,
    . Hot spices – 1 teaspoon
    . Bay leaves – 2 p.m.
  6. Onion paste -2 tsp,
  7. Jayatri – 1/2 tsp,
  8. Nutmeg-1/2 powder,
  9. Sour yogurt – 150 grams,
  10. Sugar -1 teaspoon,
  11. Salt – Quantitatively
  12. Ghee / Oil – 200 gms.

First wash and clean the castrated meat and add water. Now mix ginger, turmeric and chilli powder and spread it on the meat. Heat oil / ghee in a pan and fry half an onion in brown color. Heat the pot again and fry with hot spices, bay leaves, sugar, garlic and the rest of the onion paste. Now when it is cooked, leave the spiced meat and cook better. Boil fragrant berole with water. After boiling ghee / oil in water, lower it with jaggery and nutmeg powder, pour it in the pot and then spread the fried onion. Now serve hot with two onions of mutton. Serve with hot rice or polao.

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