Instead of a tank, make orange juice at home

Instead of a tank, make orange, juice at home,

Getting out in the scorching heat has become a liability. Make orange sherbet to cool the body a little at this time. Orange juice is one of our favorite drinks. Make orange juice at home instead of in a tank. Let’s know some of the recipes for making delicious orange juice.


  1. Kalma – 5
  2. Sugar – 2 tbsp
  3. Bit salt- a pinch
  4. Cold water – in moderation
  5. Quantitative ice cubes
    . Salt- a little

How to make:
First wash the oranges. Then mix the sugar, beet salt, salt and water together in a blender. Now turn on the blender with a blender. Then sift through a sieve and serve with ice cubes in a glass. Orange Juice.

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