how to cook eggs in the microwave

How to pose eggs in the microwave oven

In spite of the fact that egg present is a basic dish, the debate over it is old. Egg posture should be possible in an unexpected way. The formula for breaking eggs in hot oil and giving two/one spot of salt on the yolk is the most well known in our country. Contingent upon the decision, there is likewise the chance to keep the yolk firm or delicate. Be that as it may, in the wake of representing the eggs along these lines, the problem of washing the skillet is additionally borne. Also, there is consistently the chance of hot oil sprinkles on the skin.

Microwaves are utilized in this well known egg present. This makes the entire interaction simpler. This issue free cooking likewise liberates you from the issue of smoke.

All you require:

1) Eggs

2) A mug

3) Vinegar (a large portion of a teaspoon) or salt (quantitatively)

4) 33% of water in a cup (at times up to a large portion of some water might be required)


Before all else you need to pour water and vinegar in the mug. Break the egg and put it inside the cup. Notwithstanding, prior to laying, ensure that the egg is totally inundated in the combination.

Presently put the mug in the microwave and cover it with something. At that point cook on medium force for 60 seconds. Cautiously eliminate the cover and check once following 60 seconds. At the point when the egg is present, take it out. Also, in the event that you want to represent somewhat more, cover and cook for an additional 20 seconds.

At the point when cooked, get the mouth of a fork or strainer mug and dispose of the overabundance water, at that point eat the egg as you wish.

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